Wednesday, August 10, 2011

IF … Imperfect

      These two characters were nabbed outside the bakery after an anonymous caller
      reported suspicious activity. They call themselves Peet and Buttercup.
      And they say they have followers.

      The word on the street is that these two perpetrators have had
      free reign since first appearing on the scene, early this year.
      Proportionately speaking, they've been all over the map.
      It's high time to curb these shenanigans.
      The Design Police mandated a character study.

     Tough stuff.
     Or rather, tough fluff.
     From the start, the duo eluded capture. By the time I got footprints,
     they were both sporting shiners. The entire process bordered on obstinance
     and defiance. Look! Even now, they misbehave.
          Peet! Get your ears out of your eyes! 
          And Buttercup … please … remove the finger from your nose. 
     (They swear ~ they're not bad, they're just drawn that way.)

      ©2011 Mardi Speth All Rights Reserved • Watercolour & Ink


  1. 'Just drawn that way'! :¬)
    Perfect image for the word imperfect, and we wouldn't want them any other way.

  2. Awe i just adore this one. Makes me want to pick up my watercolors again. =)

  3. great take on this Mardi...i love that way that you have incorporated the constructive criticism to the solution for this weeks word.
    It seems that chocolate has a bad affect on this perpetrators

  4. LOL I love this!! I'm actually laughing at the moment :D Ignore the Design Police. They don't know nuthin'.

  5. Adorable, funny and entertaining take to this week's challenge... Gotto love the workings of an Artist's brain... Excellent job!

  6. hahahahahahahahaha

    well, there's an unexpected comeuppance! and I'm ever so curious about how they got those black eyes....(?) and why do they match?

    I think it was a really good idea to set them up proportionally to each other and land on their relative sizes.
    I like both views, but there are parts on the profile that grab me; I like the foreshortening on Peet's hand, and I wonder why his tummy is blushing? ....did he get some of that chocolate carrot cake after all?

    and a nose picking habit! ~~who'da thunk?


  7. They definitely are not bad...nor are they drawn that way ;) I absolutely love it. You manage to do "cute" in a funny, sophisticated way--something I think is difficult to do. I am a FAN!

  8. Thank you, friends, for your kind words. I had a lot of fun putting these two in a scenario unbefitting their sweet dispositions. Maybe they have a dark side after all. Who knows what the next word prompt might illuminate?

  9. Oh my gosh... this had me laughing from just glancing at the thumbnail on my blog, love, love it.The shadows, their expressions...just too wonderful, Mardi!

  10. loove this. so cute its makes you smile!

  11. Great illustrations! Your duo is the perfect Imperfect!

  12. This is absolutely wonderful!! Their cuteness is their greatest asset!! Perfect!

  13. Fresh and fun in story, design, and paintings: so enjoyable is the painting on Peet's tummy in the first one.

  14. congratulations Mardi!
    I loved all these beautiful works!
    greetings from São Paulo,

  15. LOL! I love this dynamic duo! You've done it again!

  16. Nose picking? Really? I thought Buttercup was shushing Peet since he is obviously the big slow one and needs help to keep from spilling the beans to the cops! You are awesome- can't wait to see these guys in a book.

  17. Hehe, These are fantastic! I particularly like the gesture the mouse is making in the second one :)

  18. had me rolllling!!!! You just HAVE to do a whole book about these two dastardly characters....and how they take a turn for the better in the end............I am still smiling!
    Thanks for making my day!

  19. Oh how could you not love these two, no matter what their misdemeanours!