Monday, August 29, 2011

IF … Disguise

©2011 Mardi Speth All Right Reserved • Watercolor & Ink

Ever since The Press got hold of our mug shots, we venture out only after sundown. Incognito, of course. Our sojourn in the slammer was far from SWELL, except for our matching black eyes, which 'poofed like soufflés'. (To quote an eggism of Peet's.)
At least these silly costumes mask our bruises –– although they seriously inhibit our Hop & Run action. All we can do now is shuffle along. And no, I'm not too big
to be carried.  


  1. Very sweet! and rich in details.

  2. clever and well done as usual

  3. Well, no one's gonna spot the mouse, but Peet will be identified rather quickly, and then, alas, ~Buttercup by association.

    I think dark was a good value choice for the background allowing the sparkles and details to push forward... and the details are the stars here; our two friends are just support on this one...
    Now that they're all dressed up, do they have anywhere to go?


  4. I just love following their story. They are always so cute and their adventures are so special :)

  5. So so sweet. Another wonderful illustration, Mardi!!