Wednesday, May 25, 2011

IF … Soaked

The waves were totally awesome.
We played until our fur could hold no more sea.
So we dragged ourselves to the blanket and fluffed.

The sun was nice and toasty, and we found the shells intriguing.
Although Rabbit preferred the kind with an egg inside to the sea variety.
Still, we were quite pleased with our collection …

… but others were not.

How does Rabbit know when I'm done with fun for the day?

©2011 Mardi Speth All Rights Reserved
It's time for a nap! 
Right after carrot cake …


  1. It's the multi~talented Mardi Speth on the job again!
    (It would appear that rabbit forgot something at the beach in that last panel... well...
    perhaps he's packing up elsewhere).
    It's really fun to see a 3-D version of the characters we've become so familiar with, and the props are lots of fun! I could see them taking longer to accumulate than doing the actual sculptures... did they?

    Nice pacing as well on the virtual "comic strip"
    ~~speaking of strip, I notice the lack of any animal prints here... exactly what kind of beach is this????


  2. Another delight Mardi! What fun!

  3. So utterly charming. That top panel is soooo sweet!

  4. Thank you for your encouraging words! It was fun to work in a different medium this week. The clay sculpts took a few hours to complete. Gathering the props didn't take much time ... I pulled miniatures and craft items from years of accumulation. They were just lying in wait. And yes, setting up the scenes and lighting took the most time - about 6 hours for the four shots. In all, this was a faster process than my traditional posts – and I ended up with four visuals.

    Oh geez! Where are their bathing suits?
    Good thing the beach police were on holiday.

  5. breathtaking!
    I am completely in love with these characters.
    Your photography is superb, and the little figures are so sweet and precious, their little rears and faces are adorable! :D

  6. Cuuuttteeee!

    I especially like the first visual, with the back lighting and the red beetle in the last visual. It looks like you were having fun playing with your toys

  7. Really cute ♥
    The first image with the characters looking at the sea is my favourite.

  8. So cute :) Love your "safari" too.