Wednesday, March 13, 2013

IF … Yesterday…

©2013 Mardi Speth • All Rights Reserved • Watercolor & Ink
… Peet painted a masterpiece.
(He's so TALENTED)


  1. Oh I love painting eggs! This is a beautiful Mardi!!!

  2. He's getting ready for the holiday! Yes...he IS talented. Yay, Peet!

  3. One of my favorite Peet paintings.
    Anatomy and posture all dovtailing into a cohesive and believable character. His fur is handled very expertly and his expression is subtly pleased and determined.
    Holds the whole composition together.

    (I also like the image of Buttercup ovulating at the bottom quite a bit).

    ~~~Mardi's back in town!


  4. Lovely!!! Love the expression on his face!!!

  5. Dear Mardi
    I have to tell you that each friday you make me smile and give me a little bit of my childhood. Thank you !

    Marie Leblanc
    Québec, Canada

  6. It is so lovely (and I love how you paint the background so dark - with watercolor)

  7. Oh adorable! How on earth did you get that teeny Buttercup on that egg? Peet is looking particularly handsome and fluffy!

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