Sunday, April 24, 2011

IF ... Bicycle

   Rabbit was fully energized and taunting, “Tricks are for kids – and kids, above all,
   know about fun.” It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. Again and again, we practiced
   aerodynamic feats to the applause of the diners at Denny’s.
   Here’s our Happy Easter pose …

    ©2011 Mardi Speth All Rights Reserved • Watercolour and Ink

Monday, April 11, 2011

IF ... Bottled

            One very tired and gloomy day last winter, Rabbit had the brilliant notion 
            to brew a refreshing, nutritional potion for the health conscious among us. 
            I kid you not. The first batch of this limited edition, sparkling ambrosia 
            was bottled today at our plantery in the Lapin region of France. Oui!

               ©2011 Mardi Speth All Rights Reserved • Watercolor and Ink

Monday, April 4, 2011

IF ... Duet

©2011 Mardi Speth All Rights Reserved

Misha's call came early Friday morning. He needed us on stage THAT NIGHT! The Minuet in Glee was a logical choice. It was a diminutive number from our world tour, filled with lots of toe pointing and forward balancing. And the audiences had loved it. Not that this mattered … our real hope was that Baryshnikov would overlook our fluffy form. But of course, he did not.