Monday, April 30, 2012

IF … Jump

©2012 Mardi Speth All Rights Reserved • Watercolour & Ink
while we were playing, Peet became so euphoric 
     that he suddenly burst into a series of perfectly executed binkies. 
     One right after another … the bunny hop, a triple axel, then several 
     double salchows preceded an astonishing half loop finale.
     I was riveted by Peet's athletic prowess … and adrift 
     with thoughts of Cirque du Soleil.


  1. Ha, this is perfect for the IF topic!

  2. Fantastic. Peet looks so happy to let out all these wonderful jumps.

  3. He looks so joyful. I wish I could jump like Peet!

  4. Peet looks so energized and graceful!! Good to see such a happy Bun! But I have to admit, Buttercup steals the show for me!!! Love the whole scene!!

  5. Without Buttercup in her contraption predicament and her wistful expression there would only be the single-note Peet. This is the 2nd time where Buttercup, as supporting actress, is the entirety of the image, even though she takes up about 3% of the real estate.
    I like the looseness mixed with detail on Peet and his expression of satisfaction, but....
    It's always Buttercup.
    Always Buttercup.



  6. Peet may be a energized and clever bunny but sweet little Buttercup gets all of my attention. the space and atmosphere around Buttercup are wonderfully articulated.

  7. Lovely fluffy Peet with his flapping ears! Poetry in motion, I tell you. The fur always looks so great! And that little Buttercup, oh my, so tiny yet so perfectly cute with his tiny balloons. He does almost steal the show but like any good Cirque de Soleil, it is the combination of all the players that brings this great work to life.

  8. I love this! Love the watercolors. Makes a person just smile to see this!

  9. Sweet and warming as ever, there is an ease to the painting which adds to the delight. Buttercup floats deLIGHTfully.

  10. ...and Peet has the feet for the feat! What a cute jumper!