Monday, January 2, 2012

IF … Highlight

©2012 Mardi Speth • All Rights Reserved • Watercolour and Ink
It's over.
Thirty days of non-stop performance. 
Meeting and greeting adoring fans is truly wonderful, but honestly, 
it can wear a mouse out!

To rejuvenate my spirit, I picked up a Mouse & Garden and headed straight for the salon. What a delight!

I shoulda paid closer attention to Poodle's big idea, but I was simply riveted to a juicy adventure story when she said something about pink tips.


  1. this is soo cute and funny... great job!

  2. Hahaha! Great work Mardi! Happy New Year!

  3. Mardigras! This is so are a talent and a true delight...

  4. Wonderful story telling. The little pink curl is a lovely surprise in the mauve environment of the salon. The intensity of Buttercup's curled toes and expression is a nice contrast to the suave elegance of the stylist.

  5. love this Mardi, it's fabulous :)

  6. Very cute. Great illo for "highlight!" :)

  7. Very clever...and I love Rabbit peeking in from outside!

  8. Oh but pink is so in darling.... :) Gorgeous as ever!

  9. Gorgeous!Love the colors and characters:)

  10. Thank you, friends! It's good to be back in action, and I've enjoyed catching up on your recent blog posts.

    I wonder how Peet will take Buttercup's transformation? Moreover, what will Buttercup look like with a bit of glam?

  11. Everything about this is gorgeous...!!!

  12. oooh I am so glad I found your blog! Im now a follower! Loving your work!

  13. so nice to see the P & B adventures start up again after the fall hibernation...
    I think the rather smart violet you chose for the environment of the Crown and Glory was dead on! An intended regality that veers over into the tacky due to it's ubiquity...
    ~Just what that poodle would do. (one assumes her home is doubly purplized).

    And I can believe that's as far as Peet would dare go into this establishment (he has his reputation to consider). I wonder if he was asked to wait outside, or if he was just making sure things were not getting outa hand in there?

    His expression is perfect.