Sunday, January 8, 2012

IF … Grounded

   To jump, one must first be fully grounded.

                                                                  ~ excerpt from The Tao of Peet

  ©2012 Mardi Speth • All rights reserved • Watercolour & Ink


  1. I agree, beautiful! I love the lighting throughout.

  2. Lovely palette and sweet characters

  3. Love this! Wow, great technique and wonderful characters. Beautiful and adorable little scene. My favorite this week!

  4. Thank you, Cindy! I'm tickled to receive your high mark. Actually, I'm ticked to receive all these kind regards. They push me to be a better artist.

  5. Please pour me a cup, too. French press is the best. I admire your knack for illustrating just the right moment. Wonderful!

  6. Where would be Peet be without Buttercup?
    A big mess no doubt...

    The dance between the empty and the detailed makes a joyful balance as I travel from compression to release (or perhaps Frenchpressin' to caprice). I like your simple and direct set ups like this one best, they hone me into the pith of the matter.

    Highlights: The steam from the mug, Buttercup's feet, Peet's butt. ~~not necessarily in that order.


  7. Excellent! Just what I need to keep me going.
    Lovely image.

  8. darling. Peet needs his cup of hop juice just like I do every morning. The peppy gesture of Buttercup is a great contrast to Peets almost as if he hasn't fully materialized yet.

    The depth is beautifully suggested and I love the shape of the shadow. As always, details are wonderfully delineated and suggested.

  9. I love my coffee, my french press, and this illustration!