Thursday, December 25, 2014

T'was …

©2014 Mardi Speth • All Rights Reserved • Watercolour


         The critters were nestled all snug in their beds ... 


          Technically, these are not their beds, but the accommodations will
          do for tonight. (Buttercup appears to be quite snug anyway.)

         Merry Christmas to All, and to All, A Good Night!


  1. You are back, Mardi! Nice to meet you again! We were missing your posts! Merry Christmas to you ! Hoping to see you here again more often!

    btw, I' d love to have such a sleep accommodation too! Looks pretty cosy!

  2. Hello Artisjokken and a very Merry Christmas to you and yours! Thank you for your nice words. I'm happy to be back at last!

    I long for a solid night's sleep as well – don't think I'll find it this time of year!

  3. poor Peet...
    one wonders, was there a protracted discussion as to who slept where? Or was gallantry the name of the game and Peet went straight to the cuts and angles of the packaging leaving Buttercup to slip away in slipper land? Either way Peet'll have a stiff neck to remember, that's for sure. owwwww?
    Nicely composed and solidly presented, I like the interplay with the rich reds and the deep darks. Gives us a good anchor. Nice visual movement throughout that dares us to leave the image while pulling us back in.
    All watercolor... have you ever considered mixing in acrylics?


  4. Thank you, Richard, for always adding story to my images. While I'm designing a composition, my mind is engrossed in story, but once it's done and posted all that imagining seems to disappear. I'm delighted that the image evokes a story for you ... and arouses your curiosity.

    (I've contemplated acrylics, but frankly, they scare me.)

    Wishing you and yours lovely holidays!

  5. Beautiful! I'm so glad to see you posting something. I've enjoy seeing your view on things :)

    1. Hello Linda! It's nice to see you again! Thank you for your visit. All the best to you in 2015 and making more art!