Friday, June 14, 2013

IF ... Sweet

©2013 Mardi Speth • All Rights Reserved • Watercolor
Casa del Mar
~ Home Sweet Home ~


  1. How cute! I want a studio in a shell too :)

  2. A home and studio all in one!
    Very nice interplay with your warms and cools, allowing the house to feel warm, but keeping Buttercup as a focus for the whole scene. The fade out and your form modeling are handled just right.
    You do a good job in maintaining the privacy of the moment... I feel like I happened upon, and should back away accordingly.

    Is there a bucket or something farther back somewhere with Peet trying to make-do in it too?


    1. Well, yes, as a matter of fact, there is! But, you see, Peet looks so hilarious being stuck in that little bucket (and he's mad as a hatter about his predicament), if I put him in the scene, he'll steal the whole show … as usual. So that visual truly deserves it's very own post.

      Thank you for your very nice comment.

  3. Oh my, so adorable! The teeny boat is my favorite part!