Wednesday, February 27, 2013

IF … Whisper

©2013 Mardi Speth • All Rights Reserved • Watercolor & Ink

– actions speak louder than words –

Buttercup's playfulness is a quiet invitation to Peet. 
This diminutive piece is shown close to actual size. 


  1. Oh my goodness, so nice to see you! Buttercup is looking smashing as usual! Just adorable!

  2. Super! Besides the character, nd your sweet style, I love the colours!

  3. WOW.
    An entire cup of Buttercup!
    Her toes may be my favorite, nicely bending with the curves ...while she's showing off hers.
    Nice simple palette and quiet texture, the dots on the border are a nice homey touch.

    Now we just wait for Peet to drink it all in...


  4. So nice to see a post from you, Mardi! This is so've rendered the cut glass so well, and I love the little subtle border decoration.

  5. Little mousie is adorable. I love the feeling of traditional illustration history in your art and paintings. There is something very sensitive that many of today's illustrators don't have. Beautiful.

  6. That's the cutest mousie ever seen!
    Great illustration... as usual ;)

  7. A whispered invitation, no doubt ;) So sweet, as usual, Mardi! Glad you are posting again :)

  8. This is just darling...and I glad to see you are painting again!