Tuesday, March 22, 2011

IF ... Cultivate

TOGETHER is the only way to cultivate a relationship. Beyond the exchange of ideas and news, we want to know what makes each other tick. Rabbit and I thought a trip to the library might speed our understanding. We found these titles enormously helpful. Perhaps you will too ...

• Hip-Hop 4 Dummies
• If You Give a Mouse a Cookie 
• Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Lagomorphs 
   (but were afraid to ask)
• Rabbits are from Mars, Mice are from Venus
• Who Moved My Cheese?


  1. oh, I love this- I like rabbits are from mars, hee! too cute

  2. Hopefully they'll also explore these titles as well:
    ~~Mice getting to know you.
    ~~You're getting to be a rabbit with me
    ~~How to win cheese and influence mousies

    The subtle respective warms and cools in each character are nice, and possibly speak to their diet... Carrots for the rabbit, and Blue Cheese for the mouse...
    The close crop is a good idea, it helps with the intimacy, and focuses us on their expressions. The return is nice as well, figure eight from tail to bunny ears...
    also nice is the loose attention to the detail of the book and it's cover edge.
    nicely cultivated textures with your usual compression and release.
    All in all another winner!

  3. Really soft and sweet, and I love your story about he trip to the library. (FYI, I got here via your blog archive...for some reason, clicking on your thumbnail took me to your "giant" illustration from last July.)

  4. Thanks for the heads up, Sarah. I'm having an issue with the link. Hopefully, I've got it corrected!

  5. Your artwork is stunning! I love it :)

  6. i love the subtle play of light and shadow in you handling of the whites. The blue in the foreground and background help to elevate and support the middle ground. The concentration and intimacy of the characters is portrayed economically and effectively.

  7. so smart illustration. if i've been a child, i loved your books, the colours, the atmosphere, the soul. :-)

  8. The lighting is lovely. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie was a favorite at our house.

  9. This makes me smile too. Adorable!

  10. what a gorgeous blue! my favorite part though, is the play of light, esp across rabbit with those warm and cool tones. it is such a natural hued light- comfortable and begging for a nap in the sun light.

  11. Sweet! I love how even your dark colors have light in them.