Monday, January 10, 2011

IF ... Deja-vu

      ... only this time, there came a flood of memories, 
           both sad and sweet, of prior crossings.

           What!? You saw this before? 
           Your such a kidder.


  1. It's odd how it feels foreboding and comforting at the same time... much like the journey is not a particularly pleasant one, but is buffered by familiarity and in particular ~friendship. The first one was about the concept of moving on, but this one is the reality.
    Quite powerful when juxtaposed.

    are there raspberries in tow as well?
    I'll bet there is.

  2. Mardi! This is delightful! I missed your “resolutions”... equally delightful. I love your whimsical style! Great stuff!

  3. Wonderful illustration, I sure hope they push aside those sad memories of prior crossings and make it safely.

  4. Thank you for your nice comments. They're so encouraging! After looking again at WINTER, I see DEJA-VU is an improvement. And yes, there are raspberries in tow. They're enrobed in dark chocolate for safe transport.

  5. Ahhh... Mardi, this is really nice!! How lovely.... :)

  6. Dark chocolate?
    ~~I'm coming with...

  7. ... Soon after, Rabbit appeared at the edge of the ice, his tufts of fluff dusted with snow...