Saturday, December 18, 2010

IF ... Mail

* * * * * YOU'VE GOT MAIL * * * * *
Wishing you all the joy and frivolity of the season.

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About the image ...
The nomenclature unique to typography is rich in history, dating back to Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the letter matrix in the mid-1400s. • Molten metal, poured into the matrix, quickly hardens to produce a single unit of type, of any character, and is known as a sort. (Be sure to keep enough on hand, or you will be out of sorts) • Not all typefaces are about letters – some contain imagery that is used to embellish text. These decorative sorts are dubbed ornaments.


  1. It's beautiful! Very interesting and creative. Well done! :)

  2. Very neat.
    (I got mine)
    The patience on the details are paid off in spades... ~and hearts, clubs, diamonds, arrows, bikes and ampersands...
    I like the subtle dateline as well.
    Just goes to show you that there are all sorts of ways wish us happy holidays.