Monday, October 4, 2010

IF ... Beneath

©2010 Mardi Speth All Rights Reserved
Thunder. Nothing drives me outdoors faster. It's a pied piper. Or rather, pied drummer. The sound is so magnificent. Rare and exciting. A little clapper came through a few days ago, bringing memories from Forth Worth. Now THAT was a storm! After my trip down Memory Lane, I took a long and winding philosophical detour pondering the enormity of nature and my insignificance in the overall scheme of things. You know, really got beneath it, and then tried to say all of that in a picture. (Is it really worth a thousand words?) At least one thing is certain ... when the skies finally open, change is on its way. I'm putting my moccasins on.


  1. Jeez...
    really nice. says so much with so little!
    You are the bird flying up into the storm clouds on the upper right.
    concept couldn't be better.
    art is how we combat insignificance.

  2. Wow, you've captured this so well.

  3. I love the weight of the sky. Lovely (though I'd rather be inside the house :)

  4. So atmospheric. Great idea wonderfully realised.

  5. I'm just perusing "IF" to see who's done what with this week's word. I really like your style. This one really drew me in. So atmospheric!

    I love the one for "Racing" as well. I knew someone would more than likely depict the tortoise and the hare but you did it so well. Great texture and movement!