Sunday, July 11, 2010

IF ... Diary #2

©2010 Mardi Speth All Rights Reserved

According to Native American teachings, Whale is the record keeper. Much like a swimming library, Whale carries all the history of the earth. In tribal legend, Whale (being a mammal), moved from the land into the ocean when the earth shifted and Lemuria, the Motherland, went below the waves. Whale saw all of the events leading up to the settling of North America and keeps the records and knowledge of the Motherland alive.


  1. Really nice.
    Aside from the whale and water, I really like the plant life at the dark bottom quite a bit! The tribal legend seems ripe for a whole series of illustrations! Is there more coming?
    Love the tail.

  2. that's fascinating. Unique take on the subject and lovely illustration

  3. Love this! I love the colors and the shape of this little guy!

  4. Very interesting story and I love your whale! Very cool!! Nice one Mardi!